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Stiftungspreis 2022 ... to Dr. Yana Stepanishyna and team, National Cancer Institute, Kiev

Developing an Ukrainian Lymphoma Registry

- Supporting the publication of the project results

Berlin/ Zurich/ Kiev, 22.09.22 – The Dr. Horst Böhlke Foundation today  announced, the foundation award 2022 goes to Dr. Yana Stepanishyna and her team, National Cancer Institute, Kiev.

Dr. Yana Stepanishyna and her team worked the last three years on setting up a national Lymphoma register in the Ukraine. Already 7 contributing oncology centers and 40 further centers interested, is impressing. Classifications and structures of the Ukraine register are now orientated to the WHO standards, which enables not only national but also international exchange and analysis. This data generates transparencies, … 

  • assisting local exchange on latest treatments,
  • supporting sustainable clinical trials and
  • helping to investigate the outcome of patients outside clinical trials. 

The register is an opportunity for the educational and scientific-practical purposes. 

Picture 1

47 national oncology centres add to the national Lymphoma Register
(source: Ukrainian Lymphoma Registry)

First data were published on Lugano conference in June 2021. Also data were presented on "ELI (European Lymphoma Institute) meeting, real life studies" in October 2021 in Prague. Further, project results were just published in the Journal Hematological Oncology.

We wish all the best for Dr. Yana Stepanishyna, for her team and for their  work. - Stay safe!!! 

Awarding this project goes back to a recommendation of Prof. Irina Kryachok, National Cancer Institute, Kiev, whom we thank for the proposal and for giving the frame for this project. Further thanks and compliment to Prof. Massimo Federico, Modena, who helped to create this project. We also thank Fedir Omelinskyj and Vasyl Vinichuk, both REHAU Industries, for building the contacts to the National Cancer Institute in Kiev.

Picture 2

Tetiana Skrypets, Martina Manni, Yana Stepanishyna and Prof. Massimo Federico (clock wise from right to left)